【IEF Seminar 1】IEF Holds the 1st Academic Seminar Series
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The Institute of Economics and Finance conducted its first academic seminar on 22th May, 2016. The objective of the seminar is to create a forum of discussion regarding academic staff’s research projects and to identify the challenges encountered and find solutions. All staff member of the institute attended the seminar, and the presented their ongoing research individually.

After the presentation session, the Dean of the association, Prof. Li Gan underlined that a key issue for conducting high quality research is to identify a clearly defined topic. Meanwhile, he addressed the importance of data analysis and data management.

Upcoming academic events will be planned and held regularly at IEF, which is beneficial for researchers to discuss and share information relating to their research.


 A.P. Bin Lu: Household Debt, Assets, and Income in China





Dr. Jingjing Zhang: Carbon emission, energy consumption and intermediate goods trade




Dr. Linhan Zhang Voluntary water disclosure and corporate sustainability




 Dr. Yaping Wu Health Care Insurance-Payment Policy when Physician and Patient May Collude




Dr. Ningru Zhao