【IEF Seminar 5】A. P. Sanxi Li: the quality difference and the enterprises’ choice of online and offline market
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IEF Yaping Wu

On October 11, 2016, the academic seminar was held in Zhonghe Building 308, Economic and Financial Research Institute. The meeting invited the Associate Professor Sanxi Li from Renmin University of China. The teachers of the Institute of Economics and Finance, the students and the teachers of the School of Economics and Trade came to the meeting.

The topic of the lecture is the quality difference and the enterprises’ choice of online and offline market. With the development of e-commerce, many companies choose to sell online, while others choose offline, so the impact of e-business model on social product quality has become the focus of attention of consumers and researchers. Associate Professor Sanxi Li started with a daily example as the research motivation. Then, he introduced the relevant classic literature and their main conclusions. After that, he introduced the model settings. He clearly explained to us the conclusion of the economic model.

During the discussion section, the teachers raised a lot of questions, and launched a lively discussion. A teacher from the School of Economics and Trade, Li Xiang, elaborated his own views on the extension of the research topic from the perspective of his own thinking. In this regard, Associate Professor Sanxi Li gave a precise explanation. Students from our institute are also eager to speak, ask questions and express their ideas. Associate professor Sanxi Li made an analysis for each of their points. Then, Sanxi Li took examples in our daily life (such as Taobao goods) to prove the conclusion of the theory, and proposed empirical research challenges. For this, teachers from our institute porposed their own opinions on quality measurement which is very interesting. Other teachers also put forward their own views on the conclusion of the paper. The discussion was intensive.