【IEF Seminar 7】Porf. Yao Dingjun: Share experience and thinking about NSF
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IEF Huanxiu Guo

In the morning of 18th November, Professor Yao Dingjun from Nanjing University Of Finance & Economics came to the IEF to share his experience and thinking about the application of the National Science Fund (NSF). In past years, Professor Yao has succeeded in applying for the Youth Natural Science Fund, Social Science Fund and General Program of the NSF, which accumulated rich experience. In this seminar, Professor Yao presented the NSF application, such as the process, requirement, timing and key supporting fields, with his own examples. During his talk, professor Yao gave very comprehensive and relevant answers to the detailed questions asked by our young teachers, and had a lively discussion. At last, Professor Yao explained the form, content and writing skills of a good proposal based on his own proposal for the general program of the NSF. Thanks to this communication and discussion with Professor Yao, our young teachers have gained closer understanding and better preparation for the NSF application, which will establish a solid basis and kick start the work of funding application in the IEF for next year.