Dr.Yoon attended the 81st Annual Meeting of Midwest Economic Association Conference
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 IEF Yeochang Yoon


Yeochang Yoon visited Cincinnatti, Ohio in the United States from March 30th to April 4th to attend the 81st Annual Meeting of Midwest Economic Association Conference. The Association provides an annual forum for the members to exchange ideas and to present research in all economic fields. The plenary talks are Michael Greenstone’s “Global Energy Change” and Thomas Holmes’ “Indivisibilities, Scale, and Container Imports from Asia.” Yeochang Yoon was invited to present his paper, “Why Are Information Senders Biased?” The paper investigates why rational Bayesian decision makers still demand biased information even when they know the information could be biased. Furthermore, it is shown how the sender endogenously determine the level of her accuracy and bias depending on the market structure. He was assigned as a discussant for Professor Bilal Khan (Lahore University of Management Sciences)’s paper, “Optimal Lying in Online Dating Profiles.” The paper builds a theoretical matching model to study why people are lying in their online dating profiles.