【IEF Seminar 12】A.P. Laura Luo: Enhanced Carry: The impact of power distance on corporate carbon transparency
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   IEF Linda Zhang

In the afternoon of 23th of May,  Dr. Laura Luo from University of Newcastle, Australia came to our institute to give a seminar named “The impact of power distance on corporate carbon transparency: Direct effects and moderating role”. Some teachers and students from different displine participate the seminar. 

First, Laura introduced the institute backgroud of her research, including the status quo of carbon emission trading system (ETS) in China and abroad, carbon accounting, CDP database and Hofstede’s cultural framework.  They she talked about the innovative research design and select power distance as the focus and how it may impact corporate voluntary carbon disclosure. The finds are that larger power distances appear to cause a reduced creditability of disclosed carbon information. Moreover, power distance plays a moderating role in the inherent relationship between different climate change activities, such as carbon disclosure and carbon mitigation/reduction.

Laura explained in details about her research during this one and half hours semniar. Some teachers provide constructive suggestions about how it can be improved. Both students and teachers find it interesting and enlightening.