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【IEF Seminar 12】A.P. Laura Luo: Enhanced Carry: The impact of power distance on corporate carbon transparency
【IEF Seminar 10】A.P. Yan Xu: Enhanced Carry: Prospective Interest Rate Differential and Currency Returns
【IEF Seminar 9】A.P. Jay Cao: How Do Smart Beta ETFs Affect the Asset Management Industry? Evidence from Mutual Fund Flows
【IEF Seminar 8】Dr. Wang Gang: Identifying Herding Amang Financial Analysts
【IEF Seminar 7】Porf. Yao Dingjun: Share experience and thinking about NSF
【IEF Seminar 6】A. P. Dan Luo: The Impact of Foreign Bank Penetration on the Domestic Banking Sector
【IEF Seminar 5】A. P. Sanxi Li: the quality difference and the enterprises’ choice of online and offline market
【IEF Seminar 4】Prof. Li Gan: Advanced Research Topics on Chinese Economics
【IEF Seminar 3】Dr. Shenghao Zhu: The Rising House Price Dispersion in the United States (1975-2007)
【IEF seminar 2】IEF Holds the 2nd Academic Seminar Series
【IEF Seminar 1】IEF Holds the 1st Academic Seminar Series
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