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【Runze Forum 15】Lecture by professor Michael Alexeev: Institutions and the Allocation of Talent—— Evidence from Russian Regions
【Runze Forum 14】Lecture by professor Lixin Xu: The Lasting Impact of the Taiping Rebellion
【Runze Forum 13】Lecture by professor Mary-Francoise Renard: Climate mitigation policies in China- Are there provincial determinants?
【Runze Forum 12】Lecture by Director Xu Bing: The Analysis of Management Strategy of Commercial Bank in the New Normal State
【Runze Forum 10】Lecture by Dr. Xu Licheng: To understand the finance and finance policy
【Runze Forum 8】Lecture by Prof. Lin Shu: About behavioral finance research and investment strategy discussion under the Chinese background
【Runze Forum 7】Lecture by Prof. Andrew Gamble: Political Challenges in a Changing World
【Runze Forum 6】Lecture by Prof. Liu Xiaoxing: About Financial Technology
【Runze Forum 5】Lecture by Prof. François Petit: Sustainable Economy and Social Responsibility
【Runze Forum 4】Lecture by Prof. Kent Matthew: Internationalisation of the RMB
【Runze Forum 3】Lecture by Prof. Utpal Bhattacharya: Do Superstitious Traders Lose Money?
【Runze Forum 2】Lecture by Prof. Peter Robinson: Adaptive Estimation in Multiple Time Series with Independent Component Errors
【Runze Forum 1】Lecture by Prof. Xinyuan Song: Statistical Analysis of a Generalized Hidden Markov Model