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【IEF Seminar 38】Porf. Yuanzhu Lu--Strategic Choice of Network Externality and Its Impact on Digital Piracy
【IEF Seminar 36】Dr. Zhang Xiao: When do firms want to hold more cash? Precautionary cash holdings and equity issuance
【IEF Seminar 35】A.P. Zhou Dong: Education and Domestic Violence: Evidence from China
【IEF Seminar 34】A.P. Yu Chen: Government Intervention, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship
【IEF Seminar 33】A.P. Jue Ren: Mutual Fund Style Analysis- A Stochastic Dominance Approach”
【IEF Seminar 32】A.P. Yanling Qi: Health insurance and young adults ’avoidable hospitalizations’-evidence from the affordable care act dependent coverage mandate
【IEF Seminar 31】A.P. Jia Pengfei: The Macroeconomic Impact of Monetary-Fiscal Policy in a "Fiscal Dominance World”
【IEF Seminar 30】Dr. Yu Xiaoning--Risk management of commercial banks based on the analysis of financial data
【IEF Seminar 29】A.P. Changmin Jiang: Single Sourcing vs. Multiple Sourcing-Empirical Evidence from the Airline Industry in the United States
【IEF Seminar 28】Porf. Yongmin Zhang--Volatility, Liquidity, and Pricing Models in Commodity Futures Markets
【IEF Seminar 27】Dr. Zhou Zhiping--International financial contagion during the subprime crisis: Evidence from UK financial markets
【IEF Seminar 26】Dr. Huang Wei: How Do Households Adjust to Trade Liberalization? Evidence from China’s WTO Accession
【IEF Seminar 25】Porf. Wenjing Guo: Some Suggestions On Applying for National Natural Science Fund
【IEF Seminar 24】Dr. Shenghao Zhu: About China labor income, income and wealth inequality issues