【Runze Forum 10】Lecture by Dr. Xu Licheng: To understand the finance and finance policy


Graduate School Wei Wang

At 14:00 pm of November, Dr. Xu Licheng was invited to give a lecture. The topic of the lecture is “To understand the finance and finance policy”. Dr. Xu is special researcher of Jiangsu financial research institute. Teachers and students from Institute of Economics and Finance attended the lecture.

Dr. Xu started his talk from the meaning of finance, illustrated the special connotation of finance at different field such as literature, art, history, technology and politics. Secondly, he introduced ten kinds of views to understand finance. It was concluded from his career and research. Based on each view, Dr. Xu recommended us relevant books. Besides that, Dr. Xu cited two judgement made by Deng Xiaoping, which raised the thinking of the finance policy’s purpose. Finally, with regard to the career development that students pay most attention to, Dr. Xu share us his own working experience.

Student was attracted by Dr. Xu’s lecture and put forward a lot of questions. For example, artificial intelligence’s impact on traditional financial department. Dr. Xu said “To avoid the influence, you should set yourself apart from AI. In other words, you should have unique skills that AI don’t have”.

Through this lecture, students have learned a lot and have a deeper understand about finance and career development. Also, they expressed their hope for next lecture.