The Institute of Economics and Finance (IEF) is a specialized research institution founded in October, 2015. The general goals of the institute are to follow the trend of international development, to reform the training of talents in economics and finance, and to transform the scientific research models. The institute welcomes high-level scholars who have obtained their Ph.D. degree in economics, finance, and management from well-known institutions abroad. (Nanjing Audit University [2015] No.49). 

The IEF’s strategies are to target the cutting edge of research, to establish exchanges and collaborations in the national and international scope, to conduct high-level academic activities, and to create and develop a curriculum of the Economics and Finance International Talent (EFIT) Immersion Program.

In order to use the high-quality educational resources to explore the training of international and creative talents in a more efficient way, the institute refers to the model of economics and financial talents training program in the North America's top universities to establish the "Economics and Finance International Talent (EFIT) Immersion Program", so that our undergraduate education in economics and finance will leapfrog into the international top level.

Our academic goals are to build an internationally renowned research institute of economics and finance, and become a major think tank in the eastern region as well as in China. To this end, we will gradually set up research centers such as the "Survey and Research Center for China Local Governance" to carry out major scientific projects both in China and overseas. Moreover, we organize regular academic seminars and invite well-known scholars from relevant research fields in China and abroad to share their latest research progress.