【IEF Seminar 25】Porf. Wenjing Guo: Some Suggestions On Applying for National Natural Science Fund


EFIT Wenxiong Qiu

In the afternoon of 24th of November,Dr.Wenjing Guo from Nanjing University of Finances and Economics came to our institute to give a seminar named Some Suggestions On Applying for National Natural Science Fund.Teachers from our institute attended in the lecture and communicated with Dr. Wenjing Guo.

First,Dr Guo made his points that success in applying National Fund based on accumulating in peacetime while it needed some skills.For higher hit rate,Dr Guo Suggested teachers applying for Youth National Natural Science Fund before 35 years old.Then Dr Guo asked young teachers to have research achievements in the early stage,choose a  novel topic and prepare sufficient information before applying.

After that,Dr Guo emphatically offered next six suggestions on writing project book: 1. Abstract of project book should present Key issues:Amount of project participant should be 7-10 and they shouldn’t be in similar ages. 2. Establishment basis ought to includes research background,research meanings and emphasize contributions of the research to theory and reality;Research contents must explain the thing you are researching,the specific methods you are using and possible results. 3. It’s better to show Technology Route in a vivid and accurate picture. 4. Characteristics and Innovation needs to introduce unusual contents of the project and we couldn’t use same discussion in above parts here. 5. Research plan should be divided into corresponding stage with different aims.Giving out the titles of articles written in future is very useful.At the same time,expected results should be realistic. 6. Don’t forgetting modify the project paper in time and ask some experienced professors for help.

Dr Guo explained in details about his research during this one and half hours semniar.Some teachers consulted Dr Guo some concrete things according to their personal circumstances.Every one got valuable experience in related aspects.