【Runze Forum 13】Lecture by professor Mary-Francoise Renard: Climate mitigation policies in China- Are there provincial determinants?


EFIT Yukun Huang

On the morning of June 21, professor Mary-Francoise Renard of University of Clermont Auvergne presented a lecture, entitled " Climate mitigation policies in China- Are there provincial determinants?" in 117, Weiyu building. The professor first introduced the research background, describing the framework of international climate change, and introduced China's role in the framework of policy of international climate change. Nonetheless, China also has its own problem of finding the balance between the environment and economic growth.

Political centralization and economic decentralization are major policy features of China. Since the central government appoints local leaders, local leaders have assumed an important role in negotiating with lower-level administrative units on environmental and development issues. The impact of political structures on environmental policy is precisely what they are concerned.

Later, the professor introduced two aspects of literature related to the study. The literature provides theoretical basis for the study from two aspects: usual determinants of environmental policy and the role of political institutions in environmental policy.

Finally, the professor introduce the contribution of the research in two aspects. The first is  to explain regional heterogeneity and pay particular attention to institutional drivers of climate change. Second, an econometric analysis allows to a better understanding of the determinants of provincial climate policies.