【IEF Seminar 32】A.P. Yanling Qi: Health insurance and young adults ’avoidable hospitalizations’-evidence from the affordable care act dependent coverage mandate


EFIT Yukun Huang

On the morning of June 25, Yanling Qi, the assistant professor of Health Care Administration at California State University, Long Beach, presented a speech named “Health insurance and young adults ’avoidable hospitalizations’: evidence from the affordable care act dependent coverage mandate". Teachers and some students from the institute of economic and financial attended the lecture and discussion.

The lecture first introduces the policy changes before and after Obama care and introduces the background of healthcare reform. Before the reform, the U.S. had more than 60 percent health insurance coverage. The insurance is mainly covered by commercial insurance. The insurance fee is also very high. Obama’s reform seeks to make health insurance available to all Americans.

Secondly, Dr. Qi focused on the health insurance of young adults. Health care for young people in the United States is generally linked to their parents. The reform has extended this age to 26, even if the young adult is married or does not live with his parents.

Previous literature reviews have highlighted the achievements of the reform in the field of primary care. In her study, Dr. Qi introduced a new indicator -’avoidable hospitalizations’. Diabetics, for example, will not be hospitalized for diabetes complications if they follow the doctor's instructions strictly enough. This avoidance of hospitalization is an avoidable hospitalization.

Research design compared changes in avoidable hospitalizations for young adults that are just under the age cutoff (23-25) to those just over the age cutoff (27-29). Increase the probability and the number of overall avoidable hospitalizations, which is mainly driven by the significant increase in chronic avoidable hospitalizations.