Xiao Liu


 Institute of Economics and Finance



Name: Xiao Liu

Title: Assistant Professor

Office:  Minzhi Room 413

Email: 320350@nau.edu.cn

Address: 86 West Yushan Road, Nanjing, China

Zip Code: 211815

Personal Website:  http://www.econxiaoliu.weebly.com


Education Background 

 Ph.D., Economics, University of Oklahoma, 2015-2020

 M.A., Economics, University of Kansas, 2013-2015

 B.A., Economics, Shandong University of Economics & Finance, 2009-2013


Areas of Specialization

 Economics of Education, Health Economics, Labor Economics


Working Papers

1.  The Effects of the New Cooperative Medical Scheme on Labor Supply in Rural China (Job Market Paper)

2.  Parental Decisions over the Timing of Primary School Entry in China: the Role of Child Size

3.  Does the Early Bird Catch the Worm? School Starting Age in China: Short and Long Run Impacts



 The 89th Southern Economics Association Annual Meetings, Fort Lauderdale, FL., 2019

 The 88th Southern Economic Association Annual Meeting,Washington, DC., 2018

 The 54th Missouri Valley Economic Association Annual Meeting, Kansas City, MO., 2017


 Teaching Experience

 Elements of Statistics, Instructor, University of Oklahoma, 2019

 Principles of Economics-Macro (Online), Instructor, University of Oklahoma, 2018

 Intermediate Micro Theory, Instructor, University of Oklahoma, 2018

 Principles of Economics-Micro, Instructor, University of Oklahoma, 2017

 Principles of Economics-Macro, Teaching Assistant, University of Oklahoma, 2016-2020

 Public Finance-Issue/Taxation (Undergraduate), Teaching Assistant, University of Oklahoma, 2018

 Econometrics Analysis (Undergraduate), Teaching Assistant, University of Oklahoma, 2015


Fellowships, Awards, and Honors

1.  Robberson Travel Conference Presentation & Creative Exhibition Travel Grant, Graduate College, University of Oklahoma, 2019

2.  Chong Liew Summer Research Award, Department of Economics, University of Oklahoma, 2019

3.  College of Arts and Science Student Travel Grant, University of Oklahoma, 2017-2018

4.  Chong Liew Outstanding First Year Graduate Student Award, University of Oklahoma, 2016

5.  Graduate Assistantship, University of Oklahoma, 2015-2020